Being Safe with Damsel in Defense Pepper Spray

Today, the crime rate in urban areas is increasingly disturbing the public. A variety of criminal activities such as theft, robbery, kidnapping often occur in almost all places in the world, including in Indonesia. It is not impossible anyway, things like that happen to us. Pepper spray effects will affect up to 2 meters in radius around the area exposed to spray pepper spray.

The effect will be lost approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on how severe the person who sprayed pepper spray is breathing air that has been contaminated with pepper spray.

Damsel in Defense pepper spray is not a product to shut down an opponent, a function of the concentration of pepper spray is damaging the opponent so that we can avoid / escape, however the use of these products still refer to ethics, please do not use for fun, in a crowded area, etc. Use this tool only when really, your safety is threatened.

Pepper spray can help to anticipate actions and guard. You can carry a self defense tool such as pepper spray or Pepper Spray it wherever you go. This is similar to pepper spray tear gas, to paralyze anyone who wants to do evil to us.

Tear gas thread-shaped mini is easily stored in a purse, pocket or jacket. Squirting pepper spray is effective up to a distance of 5 meters, with design Safety Self – Locked Head, safe and easy to apply. Damsel in Defense pepper spray contains Spicy Mixture MSH with spicy composition, making the affected crying, sneezing, and even loss of concentration, but it will not make it blind.

After the villain can be disabled immediately run as fast as possible, and to report to the authorities. Pepper spray is a self defense tool that is very practical and powerful, it is necessary to protect yourself or your loved ones from the threat of those unscrupulous or from wild animal attacks.

With the use of a very simple way, just open the safety, point to the eye of the bad intentions and press then immediately scamper. Prevention is better than sorry, so very suitable for women / men who frequent the street alone.

Damsel in Defense pepper spray distance range can be up to 2 meters. It makes criminals temporarily blind and breathless about 45 minutes (does not cause long-term effects). Shape is so small and compact portability.

Volume 90 ml contents are suitable to deal with more than one attacker. It is legal and does not violate the law because it is not a category of objects that are prohibited. Button sprayers are equipped with a cover to avoid accidentally spraying. The price is cheap. Time expired is long and it is not a toy, keep away from children

To use it is very easy. Open Safety Self-Locked and press the spray button. Navigate to the face of malicious. Flee as far as possible. If you do not want to be an easy target for criminals, you can anticipate of evil around you with Damsel in Defense pepper spray. If you are often through crime-prone situation in the streets, at work, or at home, you can increase your self-protection with this sprays pepper.